Fenwel MaxSep Magnetic Cell Separator

General Description

The Baxter Fenwal MaxSep offers a powerful tool for magnetic cell separation in research settings. This magnetic cell separator removes cell types from dense mixtures found in blood, bone marrow, and other tissue fluids drawn from patients. Reliable filtration and separation allows this instrument to purge harmful cell types from circulation, such as tumor cells or T-cells. Positive selection is possible via filtration methods for desired or target cell types. Filtration is carried out via immunomagnetic separation, where tissue fluids are exposed to paramagnetic beads coated with specific antibodies through direct or indirect methods. Once these bind to targeted antigens, powerful MaxSep magnets are able to filter target cells from the sample. This primary magnet of the instrument is able to freely rotate in respect to the pumping unit, though there is a secondary magnet for the collection of any cells that may flow through.

Baxter - Fenwel MaxSep Magnetic Cell Separator
Baxter - Fenwel MaxSep Magnetic Cell Separator
- Magnetic cell separator/stem cell concentration system
- Designed for use with Baxter antibody reagents