LP40S1/Z20 Microtitration Plate Washer

General Description

An automated benchtop microtitration plate washing system for SBS-standard and deep well plates.

- A small footprint device capable of performing many common coated well procedures, such as ELISA and cell-based assays
- Backlit LCD display
- Automatic rinsing for cleaning the internal tubing and needles
- Compatible with Windows software for driving and programming the washer
- RS 232 port for traceability

- Accepts 1x8-, 2x8-, 1x12-channel manifold for 96-well plate and 1x16, 2x16-channel manifold for 384-well plate
- Average Residual Volume: < 2 µl per well (with crossvise aspiration)
- Volume Accuracy: < 3% CV for 350 µl/well across 96 well plate
- Vertical/Horizontal Needle Positioning Accuracy: 0.1 mm

ADIL - LP40S1/Z20 Microtitration Plate Washer