Bio-Plex System

General Description

A microbead-based analytical platform, used for high-throughput, multiplexed bioassays in microplates.

- Uses Luminex xMAP microbeads functionalized for antibody, ligand/receptor, peptide, and oligonucleotide detection/reporting
- Customizable assays perform up to 100 simultaneous tests in a single microplate well
- Dual laser system for bead type and reporter fluorescence detection
- Flow cytometry-based technology discretely analyzes microbead-analyte interactions
- Runs 96-well microplates for 9600 data points in approximately 30 minutes
- User control of instrument and protocol design with result analysis via BioPlex Manager for Windows

- Sample Flow Rate: 1 μL/sec (detector injection), 20-200 μL/sec (sample uptake)
- Sensitivity: 1000 fluorochromes/microbead
- Reporter Dynamic Range: 3.5 decades of detection
- Optics: 532 nm @ 500 mW max (reporter laser), 635 nm @ 25 mW (classification laser)