1450 MicrobetaTrilux 2

General Description

The 1450 Microbeta Trilux model 1450-023 by Perkin Elmer combines liquid scintillation counting and luminescence detection with a range of prepared sample formats for the measuring of radiation in solution. This instrument is ideal for assays using 3H, 14C, 32P, 35S, 51Cr, 125I, and glow-type luminescence labels through utilizing a two detector measuring system. Each detector in the instrument is comprised of two photo multiplier tubes (PMTs). Counting on the top and bottom of each sample allows for a wide range of counting modes. These detectors are capable of four counting modes: single and dual label count per minute, single and dual label decay per minute, ParaLux Counting Mode, and luminescence counting.

The Microbeta Trilux saves time by providing high reading speeds, though also cuts reduces the amount of waste typical of similar instruments. A typical lumincescence counting performance has a count rate of 24 million CPS for a black microtitration plate. The software that runs the system ensures correcting for crosstalk for accurate count rate measurements. This software is compatible with any IBM compatible PC or Macintosh computer. However, it is optimized for Windows WorkStation, so Windows operating systems are the recommended option due to the ease of data analysis compatibility.

The 1450-023 has a stacking system with a capacity of 16 plates for testing. Cassettes provide flexibility when preparing samples for analysis. These plates allow use of anything in a range of microtitration plates, filters, and tubes for analysis. The counting format for samples is 96/24 well, although it can be modified. Dimensions for the instrument are around 17”(W) x 24”(H) x 26”(D).

Perkin Elmer - 1450 MicrobetaTrilux 2
Model 1450-023 2 Detector, multi-shelf. Comes with no computer. Capable of both scintillation and luminescence.