BioLogic LP w/ 2110 Fraction Collector

General Description

The BioLogic LP low-pressure chromatography system is ideal for biomolecule purification. It brings high performance, versatility, ease of use, and affordability to low-pressure applications. The compact design maximizes available workspace in the coldroom and on the laboratory bench.

Bio-Rad - BioLogic LP w/ 2110 Fraction Collector
BioLogic LP System With Model 2110 Fraction Collector, includes standard BioLogic LP system, SV-3 diverter/bypass valve, system cable 1. Can be run as is. Software/computer available separately.
Bio-Rad - BioLogic LP w/ 2110 Fraction Collector
Biorad low cost FPLC, includes 1. Dell laptop with Windows 2000 and LP Data View software. 2. BioLogic LP Controller 3. Model 2110 Fraction Collector 5. Gradient Mixer 6. MV-6 Manual Inject Valve 7. BioLogic LP Optics Module 8. Conductivity Flow Cell in Conductivity Holder 9. Optional Diverter/Bypass Valves 10. BioLogic Rack