General Description

Beckman TL-100 refrigerated ultracentrifuge. Features a microprocessor control, digital display, and vacuum encased induction drive for long reliable performance. Has a max speed of 100,000 RPM and max RCF of 543,000 x g. Temperature range from 2 to 40 degrees C. External dimensions of 28.9”W x 20.98”H x 22.99”D.

Beckman - TL-100
Beckman TL100 with TLA-100.3 vertical rotor and Beckman TLS-55 swinging rotor. The Beckman TL 100 is a state-of-the-art ultracentrifuge that is able to reliably serve your lab. It includes a vacuum encased induction drive- the first of its kind in the world. Virtually NO friction means years of reliable performance for you and your lab. Next, the refrigeration system is thermoelectric. Hi tech means no CFCs. The vacuum system is moisture purging and thereby drastically reduces maintenance. Features of the Beckman TL 100 Include: Microprocessor control, High torque direct drive induction motor, NO BRUSHES mean low maintenance, Very smooth acceleration / deceleration profiles are gentle for your samples, Ultra high run to run reproducibility, Imbalance tolerant drive means eye-balancing of you sample tubes (we still recommend weighing and matching), Fast instrument set-up, Diagnostic displays alert user to condition issues or errors, 100,000 rpm, 543,000 x g max, Air cooled drive, Single tube volume range 0.2-5.1 ml, Solid state refrigeration, 2 to 40 degrees C in 1 degree incr., 10 user programs, 10 accel / 10 decel profiles Unit sold in excellent working condition and a 30 Day warranty. Shipping and crating extra
Beckman - TL-100
Rotor not included.