MultiProbe 204

General Description

The Packard MultiProbe 204 is a robotic liquid handling workstation. This sample processor offers precision and efficiency while simultaneously eliminating carryover to provide a flexible platform that is suitable for numerous clinical, life science, or pharmaceutical applications. The modular design of the system conveniently minimizes maintenance requirements so that high throughput can be maintained. This high throughput standard is bolstered by the ability of the MultiProbe 204 to concurrently engage as many as four sampling tips. The Varispan feature manages Y-coordinate spacing between the sampling tips (within a range of 9 mm and 31 mm), allowing for the use of different combinations of plates, tubes, etc. without sacrificing productivity. Independent liquid level sensing within each tip ensures precision even when using different sample containers simultaneously.

Dispensing heads for the Packard MultiProbe 204 are capable of utilizing disposable (both conductive and non-conductive) as well as Teflon-coated fixed tips. Conductive disposable tips allow for surface detection of tonic and nonionic solutions, while the non-conductive tips cannot perform liquid detection. Fixed tips are washable and, thanks to their Teflon coating, eliminate carryover to ensure accuracy. Standard syringe sizes for the unit are 500 ul.

The deck capacity of this workstation can accommodate as many as 24 microplates, 500 primary tubes and 12 microplates, or 984 test tubes. Precision is maintained at CV < 1% of maximum syringe volume, and carryover is less than 1:1,000,000 when tips are adequately washed. Physical dimensions for this unit are 27” H x 51” W x 32” D, with a workspace area of 4.5” H x 46” W x 11.25” D.

Packard - MultiProbe 204
- Includes PC controller, MPTable Master Disk, manuals, accessories, and barcode scanner