Gel Doc 1000 Darkroom

General Description


Bio-Rad - Gel Doc 1000 Darkroom
Bio-Rad - Gel Doc 1000 Darkroom
To capture images and perform densitometric measurements on autorads, x-ray films, autoradiograms,SDS-page gels, silver-stained gels (wet or dry), polaroids, blots on nitrocellulose, ethidium bromide gels.�Also use for printing black and white images on the Kodak XL 7700 dye sublimation printer - 1536 x 2408 pixels (~200 dpi). Scan Autorads, X-ray Films, Autoradiograms, SDS-Page Gels, Silver-stained Gels (wet or dry), Polaroids, Blots on Nitrocellulose, or Ethidium Bromide Gels