Fluor-S MultiImager

General Description

The BioRad Fluor-S MultiImager is a versatile imaging platform for fluorescence, chemiluminescence, chemifluorescence, densitometry, and gel documentation applications. It contains a Peltier-cooled CCD camera for clear, low-noise images, and operates in scanning and Epi-illumination modes.

Measurable emission wavelengths include 520 nm, 530 nm, 610 nm, and 660 nm. Excitation wavelengths are 290-330 nm or white light. Optional custom lenses and emission filters are available as well.

Bio-Rad - Fluor-S MultiImager
Price: $2,499
Bio-Rad - Fluor-S MultiImager
No computer.
Bio-Rad - Fluor-S MultiImager