General Description

VWR Signature Chromatography Refrigerator, 1-8 deg. C. With a temperature range of 1 to 8°C (34 to 46°F), these cabinets are designed for a variety of chromatography applications. They feature complete access to chromatography instrumentation with ample space for control apparatus inside the chamber. Units incorporate specially designed controls, directional air-flow systems, and glass doors. Extra-strength refrigeration compressors are selected for industrial, clinical, and scientific use. Units feature an electronic thermometer with digital temperature display with resolution to within 0.1°. Automatic electric condensate evaporator eliminates the need for a drain line. Refrigerators are equipped with a keyed on-off power switch for security and an exterior light switch. Supplied with two access ports with hinged covers and a vapor-proof duplex outlet. Duplex outlet has independent power cord. Included casters measure 5.1cm (2"). Published interior volumes refer to nominal useable space; capacities may be offset by shelves, drawers, blower coils, or cabinet protrusions. All models are built to UL and C-UL standards for safety and performance. UL and C-UL listed. 1/2 HP Compressor. 51.1 Cu Ft. volume, double swinging doors, 115V, 60Hz, 15A, interior dimensions H 58 x D29 x W52 1/2.

VWR - 55703-252