Quest 210

General Description

The Quest 210, manufactured by Argonaut Technologies, is a synthesizer designed for combinatorial chemistry. This instrument was one of the first synthesizers designed to increase the productivity of medicinal chemists by utilizing parallel synthesis. This process facilitates the rapid synthesis of analog molecules and efficiently produces a wide range of products. By decreasing the time of development cycles, products can be taken to market faster or allow for faster results for research and development. Utilizing parallel synthesis gives the operator the control to know exactly which compounds are being produced. The Quest 210 combines solution phase synthesis, product purification, and collection for the development of new chemistries. Synthesis is not limited to solutions, however, as this instrument is capable of synthesis in the solid and solution phase. Up to 20 simultaneous reactions can be carried out on the two 10 – fitted tube racks of the instrument. Samples can be placed in 5 to 10 mL reaction vessels.

Argonaut Technologies - Quest 210
Argonaut Technologies - Quest 210
System includes controller, reactor and ASW module.
Argonaut Technologies - Quest 210
System includes controller, reactor and ASW module
Argonaut Technologies - Quest 210
Simple Operation. Magnetic Bar for Agitation. Unique Design for Better Results. Umbilicus Links the Control Unit to the Reactor Unit. Control Time, Agitation Conditions, and Reaction Temperature. Run Up To 20 Liquid or Solid Phase Organic Chemistry Reactions in Parallel. Small Magnets Move Vertical with Magnet Bar for Mixing of Reaction Contents. Controller Unit has Connections for System Power, Gas, Agitation Control Valves, Manual Rotary Valves, and Gas Distribution Manifolds.