Spectramax M2e

General Description

The Spectramax M2e is a highly flexible dual monochromator, multi-mode microplate reader with full spectral range detection for cuvettes and 6 to 384 well microplates. The M2e can scan across a range of wavelengths in 1 nm increments and a single read command can run a combined absorbance and fluorescence intensity assay. It has an absorbance wavelength range of 200-1000 nm with a bandwidth of ≤ 4.0 nm; and EX, EM wavelength of 250-850 and 360-850 nm with bandwidth of 9 and 9 nm. Data acquisition, management and analysis can all be done within user-friendly SoftMax Pro software.

Molecular Devices - Spectramax M2e
Molecular Devices - Spectramax M2e