1000 Mini Chiller

General Description

Bio-Rad�s Model 1000 Mini Chiller has been specifically designed as a stand alone, portable refrigerated apparatus for use with the CHEF-DR� II, CHEF-DR III, and CHEF Mapper� pulsed field electrophoresis instruments. Electrode buffer is circulated through the Model 1000 Mini Chiller from the electrophoresis chamber by the recirculating pump (supplied with the CHEFDR II, CHEF-DR III, and CHEF Mapper systems), cooled directly by the liquid refrigerant in the heat exchanger at a rate of 0.75 �C per minute (from ambient to 14 �C), and returned to the electrophoresis chamber. The Model 1000 Mini Chiller is capable of cooling up to 75 watts of input power to the buffer at a set temperature of 14 �C. The Model 1000 Mini Chiller can maintain a constant buffer temperature within 0.3 �C of the set temperature in an operating range of 5-25 �C. The Model 1000 Mini Chiller is equipped with a 1/12 hp CFC 12 compressor with overheat shut-down protection, and a corrosion- resistant stainless steel heat exchanger/evaporator. The heat exchanger is electrically isolated from the chassis, compressor, and plumbing to eliminate shock hazard. The unit is 42 cm long x 23 cm wide x 24 cm high, and weighs 14 kilograms.

Bio-Rad - 1000 Mini Chiller
Bio-Rad - 1000 Mini Chiller