General Description

The Thermo Fisher Scientific LTQ XL is a 2D linear quadrupole ion trap mass spectrometer with the sensitivity and speed perfect for complex proteomic and metabolism research. It performs single-stage (MS), two-stage (MS/MS), and multi-stage (MSn) mass analysis for varying levels of qualitative and quantitative information. In combination with advanced technology such as ZoomScan Analysis, High Resolution Isolation (HRI), and Wideband Activation, the LTQ XL produces clean spectra with a significant amount of data for a wide range of masses.

The Thermo Fisher Scientific LTQ XL is capable of multiple dissociation modes, such as collision-induced dissociation (CID), electron transfer dissociation (ETD), and Thermo Fisher Scientific’s unique pulsed Q dissociation (PQD). It is also compatible with different ion sources, such as an ESI probe, a heated ESI (HESI-II) probe, and an atmospheric chemical ionization (APCI) probe. The LTQ XL’s high level of adaptability and customization in addition to its quality and specificity makes it an ideal LC/MS for any research laboratory.

Thermo Fisher Scientific - LTQ XL
LTQ XL with ETD detector and source for the XL. Also has two Edwards E2M30 vacuum pumps, each with it's own noise reduction box. Includes software discs for XCaliber.