General Description

The Perkin Elmer Piezorray is a microarray printer comprised of a sub-nanoliter dispensing system and a precise robotic positioning mechanism perfect for high-density arrays such as biochips and microplates. The system contains 4 dispensers that utilize Perkin Elmer’s trademark PiezoTipnology to ensure consistent drops of 333 pL. The dispense head moves on three axes (x, y, and z directions) for full coverage of the deck. The movement and set-up process can be verified with a standard camera placed on the deck of the instrument. An optional second camera with a light source may be placed on the dispense head to help align the dispensing targets. The Piezorray can accommodate 96- or 384-well plates as its source. It has 5 additional holder positions on its deck for destination substrates such as microplates, single microplates, microscope slides, and any substrate of comparable size. Optional accessories include extended tips, more labware holders, and an environmental enclosure.

Perkin Elmer - Piezorray
This specific Piezorray includes an environmental enclosure hood to help keep the system clean for long-lasting reliability.
Perkin Elmer - Piezorray