FPLC System

General Description

The GE Pharmacia fast protein liquid chromatography (FPLC) system is used for methods development and the purification of large quantities of various bimolecular (i.e.- protein and DNA).

Pharmacia - FPLC System
Pharmacia GradiFrac FPLC System comprised of : P-500 Pump, GradiFrac fraction collector with 96-tube collection rack, LKB Optical Unit UV-1 with Control Unit, REC 102 Chart Recorder, 5 MPa mixer module, mounting stand, and various cables/accessories.
Pharmacia - FPLC System
Complete FPLC system consists of:
-Chart recorder
-Monitor UV-M detector
-2x Pump P-500
-LCC-500 Plus Controller
-Motor Valve MV-7 -Frac-200 fraction collector
Pharmacia - FPLC System
Two P-500 pumps, LC501 controller, UV detectors, Frac 200 fraction collector, good FPLC system
Pharmacia - FPLC System
Includes 2 pumps, controller, UV detector.
Pharmacia - FPLC System
Includes 2 pumps (P-500), controller, UV detector, and conductivity monitor.
Pharmacia - FPLC System
System includes Pump P-500 (x2), GP-250 Gradient Programmer, FRAC 100 Fraction Collector, Single Path Monitor UV-1 Optical Unit, Single Path Monitor UV-1 Control Unit, Dual Path Monitor UV-2 Control Unit, LKB Optical Unit UV-1, LKB Control Unit UV-1, & Bio-Rad Econo-Column Rack.