GenePix 4000B

General Description

The GenePix 4000B is a high-performance, dual-laser microarray scanning system for myriad applications in genomic and proteomic research. It detects two wavelengths (532 nm and 635 nm) simultaneously with two PMT detectors, saving time and reducing errors by eliminating the need to overlay separately scanned images. It scans a maximum area of 22 x 71.5 mm, and creates images at a resolution of 5-100 microns with options for automatic and manual gain adjustment.

The GenePix Pro Acquisition and Analysis software reinforces the standards for quality and speed by featuring one-touch calibration and various automation options, such as photomultiplier balancing and evaluation of gain values.

Molecular Devices - GenePix 4000B
Molecular Devices - GenePix 4000B