ImageXpress Micro XL Widefield High-Content Screening System

General Description

The Molecular Devices Image Express Micro XL is a High Content Screening microscope system for Wide Field Fluorescence and DIC (Differential Interference Contrast) studies of samples in a microplate and single or multiple slide formats. Improving upon the earlier ImageXpress Micro Widefield High Content Screening Systems, the ImageXpress Micro XL System offers researchers the benefit of imaging twice the sample area to deliver statistically relevant results in half the time. The microscope is currently matched with a Thermo CRS Robotic Plate Loading and Unloading System for High Throughput Studies. This system may be purchased with or without the Robotics depending on whether the purchaser requires High Throughput Functionality. The system offered here includes the Molecular Devices Image Express Micro Widefield Microscope unit with PC computer, Win7 and Metaexpress ver 4.0.031 S/W for Microscopes. MetaXpress® Software powers ImageXpress systems, giving you precise control over image acquisition and powerful, elegant tools for analysis. You will do more, faster, with MetaXpress. MetaXpress® 4 Software complements the ImageXpress Micro XL System by increasing image analysis speed 100%, allowing acquisition and analysis of greater than 10 million cells per hour.

Molecular Devices - ImageXpress Micro XL Widefield High-Content Screening System

1) Nikon 20X /0.45 Plan Fluor ELWD

2) Nikon 4X/ 0.02 Plan APO

3) Nikon 10X/ 0.03 Plan Fluor

4) Nikon 40X/0.6 Plan Fluor ELWD

Reflector cubes installed:

1) DAPI (Molecular devices pn 1-6300-0442)

2) FITC (Molecular Devices pn 1-6300-0443)

3) TRITC (Molecular Devices pn 1-6300-0444

4) TEXAS RED (Molecular Devices pn 1-6300-0449)

5) CY5 (Molecular Devices pn 1-6300-0446)


Lumencor Sola light source with light fiber cable and power supply.

Hard case with slide adapters

Pretreated sample slides and other accessories

This system is designed to be connected to and work in conjunction with a networked server system and software provided by the manufacturer. It has been tested for functionality at our facility and appears to be working properly to the extent that we can evaluate without the required network and Molecular Devices Service Support.