ImageXpress Ultra Confocal High-Content Analysis System

General Description

Unravel the complexities of biological systems with amazing confocal images. The Molecular Devices ImageXpress Ultra is a confocal high-content screening and analysis system with true laser scanning technology. When your brilliant science requires brilliant, true laser-scanning confocal imaging, the ImageXpress Ultra System offers the ultimate solution. This fully integrated platform is designed for providing automated imaging and analysis of fixed and live cells in high throughput screening applications. Featuring four solid state lasers with as many as four excitation wavelengths (405 nm, 488 nm, 532 nm, 635 nm), users are given the ability to determine variable scan size so as to maximize speed and efficiency. The system also offers a galvanometer and stage to be used for X scanning and Y scanning, respectively.

For maximum sensitivity and resolution, the IXU features custom self-aligning optics. Additionally, five beamsplitters and three filter cube sets enable supreme flexibility and quick system configuration. The instrument is equipped with a detection pinhole whose diameter can be configured via system software for either screening or research mode. An Industry-leading autofocus option provides fast, reliable focusing with a dedicated 690 nm focus laser and ultra-fast sensors that will not bleach your sample while decreasing read times up to 5-fold. With its small footprint, the ImageXpress Ultra enables benchtop screening without sacrificing power or precision. As many as four objectives can be installed on an automated slider. An innovative slider architecture means there is no risk of the objectives crashing. This instrument has been integrated with robotics and features an automated door to accommodate microplate loading. The computer system includes MetaXpress High Content Image Acquisition and Analysis Software for comprehensive screening, image storage and analysis. Polara software controls the robotics.

Molecular Devices - ImageXpress Ultra Confocal High-Content Analysis System
Over $600k when new! Complete Molecular Devices ImageXpress Ultra confocal high-content imaging system with robotics integration via Thermo CRS CataLyst Express articulated plate handling arm.

Imaging system equipped with the following objectives:

4X/0.13 Plan Fluor PhL DL

4X/0.2 Plan Apo

10X/0.25 Ph1 ADL

LWD 20X/0.40 Ph1 ADL

20X S Fluor/0.75 Dic M/N2

60X/1.40 Plan Apo Oil

Reflector cubes included:

Nikon pn 90170 HQ F C111408

Nikon pn 91172 TR 107839

Nikon 96101 UV-2E/C C121783

System is equipped with the following lasers: 405nm, 488 nm, 561 nm, 635 nm plus dedicated 690 laser for autofocus.