General Description

The Molecular Devices FLIPR Tetra is a high throughput cellular screening platform offering superior performance and consistency in conducting real time kinetic cellular assays. This instrument is designed to run both read and pipetting functions concurrently, making it the ideal system for rapid kinetic cellular assays, including those for calcium flux, GPCR and ion channel targets.

For optimal flexibility, users can customize the configuration of their set-up to meet the fluctuating needs of the drug screening process. This includes the ability to select from a variety of different LED banks and emission filters, with a simple interchange process that takes only a few minutes. Filters are situated within a slider that has a three-filter capacity that enables speedy adjustment for detection assays that require different single wavelengths, such as ratiometric, calcium mobilization, and membrane potential investigations. The capability of the FLIPR Tetra to exchange both light emitting diodes and emission filters provides users with the ability to select the best suited fluorescent dye for their studies.

The camera of this screening platform is the fluorescence-capable configuration. For meeting the needs of varying assays and throughputs, the FLIPR Tetra can be equipped with five distinct pipetting heads for dispensing reagents, cells, or compounds. These include those for 96-, 384-, 1536-well format as well as for 384 or 1536 pin tools. Pipettor head height and speed are adjustable to provide the utmost precision, and swapping is made quick and easy so that time and efficiency are both optimized. An additional option is the cell suspension system which, when integrated, serves to further increase throughput by circumventing the cell plating process and the need for individual compound plates in certain assays (e.g. aequorin). Other robotics systems such as plate handlers can also be added for further automating workflow.

This is a quality used FLIPR Tetra perfectly suited for environments with multiple users running multiple assays. It includes ScreenWorks system software that is easy and intuitive and features a drag and drop interface for simple protocol set-up, data analysis and export. The FLIPR Tetra is the latest model in a line of screening instruments and is the pinnacle of 15 years of technological development, making it an essential cellular screening tool that is guaranteed to provide significant savings of both time and money.

Molecular Devices - FLIPR Tetra
This used FLIPR Tetra is in excellent working condition and has been maintained under a service contract with the original manufacturer (Molecular Devices). Additionally, the system has passed inspection by the OEM.

-Includes fluorescence detection mode camera

-Includes 4 LED Modules: 410-455nm & 510-545nm (2 each)

-Includes 2 pipettor heads (96 & 384 well)

-Does not include any robotics