CARV II Confocal Imager with Leica DMIRE2

General Description

The BD CARV II is a confocal imager used for real time, full spectrum confocal microscopy. The instrument offers multipoint scanning at a rate of 1000 scans per second, enabling it to perform real time confocal imaging at high frame rates while simultaneously improving sensitivity and signal to noise ratio. For superior convenience and clarity, binocular viewing is provided by two WHN10x/22 eyepieces. Low intensity, high frequency scan abilities enhance system performance by continuously recording biological events while minimizing photobleaching and phototoxicity. Illumination for the imager is provided by a mercury/metal halide light source that functions via liquid light guide delivery. With this feature, full spectrum confocal imaging with a range of 360 nm to 700 nm is possible. This light source is convenient as well, requiring no alignment and offering superior longevity with minimal maintenance expenses.

For rapid, multidimensional confocal imaging, the BD CARV II is equipped with automated multiposition excitation and dichroic and emission filter wheels. More than five fluorescent probes can be imaged in a single sample. Movable, spinning disk technology and field aperture for selection illumination enable the ability to alternate between wide field and confocal imaging. This feature makes the system useful for investigations in Fluorescence Recovery After Photobleaching (FRAP). The imager is designed to pair with a CCD camera, which acts as a detector for optimal sensitivity. It is also highly flexible, and has the capability to integrate with most existing inverted microscopes. The touch screen control interface allows for full automation, and can be integrated with numerous imaging software suites. Thus, the BD CARV II can be used for a variety of applications, including studies in kinetics and co-localization, ratio imaging, FRAP, and FRET.

BD Biosciences - CARV II Confocal Imager with Leica DMIRE2
Includes (6) Objectives: 1) N Plan L 20x/0.40 CORR Ph1 ∞/0-2/C 2) HCX PL Fluotar L 40x/0.60 CORR Ph2 L 40X PH2 ∞/0-2/C 3) PL Fluotar 63x/0.70 CORR Ph2 ∞/0.1- 1.3/C 4) PL APO 40x/1.25-0.75 Oil ∞/0.17/E 5) N Plan 5x/0.12 Ph0 ∞/-/A 6) N Plan 10x/0.25 Ph1 ∞/-/A