FlexMAP 3D

General Description

The Luminex FLEXMAP 3D is a liquid bead array system designed with the flexibility for multiplexing both genomic and protein bioassays. Increasing demands for high quality data delivered at fast rates drove the optimization of this instrument to meet those very requirements. High throughput screening (HTS) capabilities, a high dynamic range, and application flexibility combine to create an instrument that is well suited for a variety studies involving biomarker validation. In striking a balance between a high quality of performance, ease of use, and flexibility, a platform ideal for applications in early discovery and preclinical testing is created.

As a multiplexing platform, the FLEXMAP is capable of analyzing high volumes of diverse samples in a short time period. The instrument has the ability to simultaneously discern up to 500 unique assays in a single small volume sample or well. With the system accepting both 96 and 384 well microplates, the analysis of samples is streamlined for rapid throughput and sample flexibility. Dual sample fluidics paths and high sample injection speeds decrease assay run time by increasing sampling rate and thus decreasing time between sample analyses. Rapid sampling rates and analysis creates many answers per test. Altogether, including the automation of routine tasks, the instrument is capable of generating around 140,000 data points per hour time frame. Front-end integration opens the possibility of greater throughput by including sample preparation robotics.

Discerning up to 500 unique assays at once not only demonstrates high throughput capability, but also the broad dynamic range and flexibility of the instrument. Such flexibility refers to the broad range of genes and proteins that can be analyzed by this system. Different analytes are discerned by using any of up to 500 compatible microsphere sets, which gives the system its flexibility. Both magnetic and non-magnetic microspheres can be accommodated. With a wide variety of commercially available reagents and kits, a broad range of custom assays can be developed for use in any of a number of applications. Such applications include:

- Nucleic acid assays (DNA and RNA) - Immunoassays (antigen-antibody binding) - Receptor ligand assays - Enzymatic assays - Other protein analysis

All system features and operations are controlled by xPONENT software. This software simplifies operation protocols as well as provides an interface for automated platforms and Laboratory Information Systems (LIS). These simplifications make the instrument well suited for startup, shutdown, and maintenance operations independent of user input.

Luminex - FlexMAP 3D
System does not come with computer.