General Description

The Rigaku NitroGen is a self-contained system for the generation, storage and transfer of liquid nitrogen. Because the logistics of cryogen accessibility and handling are often problematic, this all in one unit provides an indispensable instrument that comprehensively solves all of these complications. Operation is practical, requiring no more than a power source and a water supply, allowing facilities to generate and store a continuous supply of the LN2 required by many research instruments. Transport of cryogen increases the risk of contamination, an issue that is circumvented with an in-house liquid nitrogen generator. Safety is also enhanced when the NitroGen is integrated into the laboratory facility, as serious injuries can result from the mishandling of cryogen during transportation. The consolidated design and efficiency of this platform make it ideal for high throughput biomedical, semiconductor, and other scientific applications.

The LN-60 model NitroGen is powerful, offering a minimum output of 60 liters of liquid nitrogen per day. Required water and N2 input for the system are 8 liters per minute and 30 liters per minute, respectively. Dimensions for the unit are as follows: 78” H x 34” W x 34” D. 7.5 kW 208/230 VAC is required for operation, assuming that water is recirculated and chilled.

Rigaku - LN-60
Generates liquid nitrogen (N2) from gas input. 60 liters / day. 220-230volts 2.6amps 60Hz 3 phase