General Description

An eight-channel vertical light path filter benchtop spectrophotometer designed for measurement of absorbance on microplate-contained samples.

- Basic reader for endpoint and kinetic assays, with compatible PC software offering a range of data reductions and report generations
- Stand-alone or computer-controlled operation
- Uses a 50 W quartz-tungsten halogen lamp with aluminum-coated elliptical reflector
- Designed for use with 96-well microplates
- Three-speed linear shaker

- Wavelength Range: 400 to 750 nm using eight interference filters held in a filter wheel
- Absorbance Measurement Range: 0 to 2.0 Abs, with a read-out range of 0 to 3.5 Abs
- Precision: ±2.0% or 0.007 Abs (whichever is greater)
- Reading Speed: 5 seconds per plate (continuous mode), 10 seconds per plate (step mode)
- RS-232C serial interface

Labsystems - 355
Labsystems - 355
Read 96-well plates in only five seconds. Filter wheel has 8 places, and currently comes with 5 filters: 595nm 560nm 620nm 450nm 405nm Additional filters can be added.