2470 Wizard2 Automatic Gamma Counter

General Description

The Perkin Elmer 2470 Wizard2 is a high performance gamma counter used for radiometric detection. This instrument can be configured with one, two, five, or ten detectors made from thallium activated sodium iodide crystals, and each can function independently. Rather than collect signals from the sides, these well type detectors take information from all around the sample to offer phenomenal sensitivity. In doing so, variance due to volume and position is minimized and efficiency in counting is optimized. The Wizard2 is a versatile instrument and is available as either a 55 rack (550 sample) or 100 rack (1000 sample) platform, both of which are compact to reduce the workspace footprint without sacrificing power or productivity. To provide added flexibility, the unit can be converted from an automatic counter to a manual counter in one simple command, allowing for measurements or flow cell determinations to be made for samples with volumes as high as 5 mL. Lead shielding is maximized in this gamma counter, effectively minimizing cross talk and regulating background. The unit also features a design that is void of elevator passages, meaning radiation is prevented from passing to the detector. Cross talk is further eliminated with the integration of a robotic sample changer, which lifts samples from the conveyor so that the detector is always protected by the lead shielding. The Wizard2 offers an energy range of 15 keV to 1000 keV and a maximum count rate of 6 million DPM for 125I. It also features an isotope library with information for 45 radionuclides. With its excellent sensitivity, flexibility, and accuracy, the Perkin Elmer 2470 Wizard2 is an ideal platform for applications in gamma counting.

Perkin Elmer - 2470 Wizard2 Automatic Gamma Counter
2470-0100 10-detector model. With built-in controller loaded with Windows XP and Wizard2 software 1.00 Rev 2.