Matrix Platemate 2x3

General Description

The Thermo Scientific Matrix Platemate 2x3 is a six-position liquid handler with a wide range of applications. This model has an open interface, making it well-suited for the role of the liquid handling component in an automated robotic system. Each of the six liquid handling positions can handle a variety of sample vessels, including microplates (96-, 384-, and 1536-well), tube racks, tip wash stations, or disposable reagent reservoirs in any combination. With X-Y plate positioning on each of these stations, accuracy of liquid delivery is assured in even 384 and 1536-well microplates. Precision of pipette delivery means that liquid can be delivered in any part of the vessel via manual programming. Configured with an 96-channel head, on which pipettes are interchangeable, the system gains great flexibility with a range of applications, volumes, and channels. Possible pipette heads include both positive displacement heads and air-displacement heads, both of which must be additional purchases. All possible variations of pipetting heads gives the Platemate 2x3 a total range of handling volumes ranging from 0.1 – 300 uL.

The Platemate 2x3 comes with barcode reading capabilities. This makes the instrument able to track and keep note of microplates on and off the workstation. This is ideal for automated systems where such tracking is necessary with high-throughput. Ease is also provided with non-contact liquid sensors that track reagent reservoirs. When too low, these sensors will trigger two peristaltic pumps to automatically replenish reservoirs. All instrument functions and programming is controlled through the Windows based ControlMate Software. Automation and flexibility gives this instrument such simple applications as reagent addition to full 96 or 384-well plate sample transfers.

Thermo Scientific - Matrix Platemate 2x3
801-10005 Robotic Friendly. 96 channel, 30ul head, p/n: 501-20004
Thermo Scientific - Matrix Platemate 2x3
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