QuantaSep 1800R

General Description

The Sepragen QuantaSep 1800R is a fully integrated fluid handling module for automated purification processes. This system allows for equilibrating, loading, washing, eluting, and regeneration of as many as three chromatography columns, and each purification step is user controlled, including pH, UV, conductivity, time, volume, air, etc. The unit contains dual stepper motor controlled pumps, a static mixer, reinforced silicone tubing with sanitary clamp connections, diaphragm shielded solenoid valves, UV1 at 280 nm, UV2 at 254 nm, and numerous parameter sensors. It offers a large dynamic flow range of 20 mL per minute to 18,000 mL per minute and a pressure maximum of 50 psi.

For optimal control and flexibility, the Sepragen QuantaSep 1800R automates buffer delivery, column switching, and fraction collection based on UV, pH, and conductivity. System control is practical and intuitive with the user software, and GMP reports provide comprehensive data. This unit offers phenomenal efficiency, reducing both batch failures as well as project backlog. Product quality and reliability are both improved, and easy scalability (100x) makes this module as flexible as it is precise. It is ergonomic without compromising power or efficiency, offering a reduced footprint for benchtop use and a 50% improvement of process development economics. For safety, the QuantaSep has an active air trap for minimizing bubble trap dilution, built in safety interlocks, and leak and pressure alarms. System software has programmed security features for preventing unauthorized users from operating the instrument or tampering with data. The precision, efficiency, and flexibility of this unit it makes it the ideal tool for automating and improving process development.

Sepragen - QuantaSep 1800R