ALPS 3000

General Description

The ABgene ALPS 3000 is a microplate heat sealer that provides high-throughput capabilities in a compact size. The compact benchtop footprint of this instrument is approximately 6.5” x 16”. A sealing speed of six seconds for a single plate illustrates the high-throughput abilities of the ALPS 3000. With robotics integration, this can equate to 10 plates every minute. Although this instrument has touch screen controls on its monitor for manual programming, it can be automated for robotic applications via ASCll programming parameters. The high-throughput applications of this instrument make it capable of being a valuable part of many laboratory systems. These applications include PCR, fluorescence, long term storage, and resealing. For safety, the ALPS 3000 continually detects for the presence of sealing tape and plates to avoid accidents or injury.

ABgene - ALPS 3000