RT-CES Analyzer

General Description

The Acea Biosciences RT-CES Analyzer is a label free analytical platform used for conducting cell based assays. By utilizing a microelectronic cell sensor system that is integrated into the bottom of specially designed microplates, this cell analyzer provides real-time, continuous, and quantitative information about the biological status of the contents in each well. The system employs a label free measurement technology in order to maintain a noninvasive process that prevents cell damage and avoids the need for pricey reagents, a feature that provides the added benefit of cost savings. Live cells can be monitored in up to six 96-well device plates which can be run concurrently and independently for increased assay throughput. Because each plate can be employed separately, the Acea Biosciences RT-CES cell analyzer offers more flexibility for simultaneous operation by multiple users, and is an ideal investigative tool for those conducting secondary screening and lead characterization applications.

Tagging can affect the bioactivity of labeled molecules and is inefficient due to the variability of reagents; thus, the label free technology of the Acea Biosciences RT-CES cell analyzer provides an analytical approach in which investigation of biomolecules is reduced to only the essential interactions in real time. The dynamic ability of the Acea Biosciences RT-CES Analyzer makes it an invaluable tool for cell based assay applications that monitor conditions such as cytotoxicity and cell proliferation, migration of cells, cell adhesion, lead optimization and various other functional assays. The tagless, microelectronic technology of this cell analyzer is ideal for any high throughput environment analyzing live cells and biomolecules.

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