QStar Elite

General Description

The Q-Star Elite, manufactured by Applied Biosystems, is a hybrid quadrupole/time-of-flight (Q-TOF) tandem mass spectrometer. This instrument offers numerous improvements over earlier ABI models, creating higher resolution and mass accuracy, sensitivity, and an overall more stable and reliable level of performance. Mass data from samples can be extracted over a mass range of 5-40,000Da, and parent ions can be selected from 5-5,000 Da. Given such extensive and sensitive mass analysis, this instrument can be applied to a wide range of applications involving quantification and identification. This instrument has proven effective in laboratories dealing with proteomics, drug discovery, metabolomics, and biomarker research.

The Q-Star Elite is equipped with a number of features that enable sensitive mass analysis. A unique pulse and trapping capability ensures trapping of all parent ions, while patented Q0 collisional focusing and LINAC collision cell technology ensure efficient fragmentation of these ions. These technologies provide a rich source of fragmented ions for analysis that can be easily distinguished across the mass range. This accuracy is specified at 5 ppm for exact mass measurement. Such precision is ideal for applications in proteomics, which often require high specificity of mass measurement for peptide sequencing data processing. For added flexibility, a wide range of ionization sources can be equipped to this instrument. This includes basic sources in electrospray (ESI) and Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption (MALDI) ionization sources, and both atmospheric pressure sources in Atmospheric Pressure Photoionization (APPI) and Atmospheric Pressure Chemical (APCI) ionization sources.

High sensitivity and a wide mass range make this instrument useful in a variety of applications. As mentioned previously, high resolution and mass accuracy makes the Q-Star Elite valuable in proteomics. This mass information is required for the identification of post-translational protein modifications and quantitative protein analysis. Discovering the location and type of modification requires high mass accuracy in MS and MS/MS. The rate at which this instrument provides this information allows it to provide great coverage for protein sequences. De Novo peptide sequencing is also ideal for the instrument, given the high mass accuracy that this sequencing requires. Protein identification is facilitated by high throughput analyses of broken down proteins and their comparisons to those spectra already in a reference database. Metabolite identification is also available through the analysis of elemental composition of these unknown compounds. Accurate MS/MS spectra can derive structural information on these molecules as well as identifying impurities once the compound is known.

Applied Biosystems - QStar Elite
Includes Computer with analyst software, Turbo IonSpray Source, vacuum pump
Applied Biosystems - QStar Elite
Complete system from 2009, Q-TOF LC/MS system with Agilent 1200 capillary HPLC. QStar Elite unit is equipped with a Varian DS 602 Vacuum Pump with enclosure, and Sciex 19296 Turbo Ion Spray source. Agilent 1200 consists of G1379B Degasser, G1376A Capillary Binary Pump, G1377A Autosampler, G1330B Chiller/Heater, and G4208A Instant Pilot controller.

The Agilent 1200 HPLC system offers a modular design that can help provide you with an ideal configuration to meet your application requirements. This reliable and robust LC system totes unprecedented accuracy and precision for your quantitative and qualitative applications. Achieve the lowest possible detection limits via highly sensitive detectors. The Agilent 1200 HPLC also offers the highest analytical flexibility for your growing needs.

This system is designed for high-throughput, by way of the fast binary LC system through to the ultra-fast rapid resolution system. The Agilent 1200 HPLC System can reach new levels of productivity and process more samples in less time, all while maintaining and even improving data quality.

Areas of application include, but are not limited to: quantitative analysis, preparation of pure compounds, trace analysis, biotherapeutics, biosimilars, small molecule pharmaceuticals, food testing, research, consumer product testing and environmental testing.
Applied Biosystems - QStar Elite
Comes with computer/software and roughing/vacuum pump. Was tested by outside vendor and shown to be working.