CrystalMation System

General Description

The Rigaku CrystalMation system is a fully integrated, fully automated platform for high-throughput protein crystallization. The fully integrated work flow is designed to effortlessly handle screen creation, plate setup, protein dispensing, plate storage & image inspection. The Rigaku CrystalMation features a modular design that can be setup to address a varying range of requirements and contains the capability to be expanded to grow with your future needs.

At the heart of the Rigaku CrystalMation system is the Integration Module which combines all the different modules into a smooth workflow and manages the transfer of plates between workstations. Seamlessly move through crystallization screen creation, plate setup, reservoir and protein dispense, plate storage and handling, image inspection, one-click optimization and software applications to manage your experiments. The Integration Module can also perform supporting tasks like mixing, foil sealing an piercing, and tape sealing. This system offers a complete solution to automate the entire crystallization process from protein to crystal. Features the Alchemist HT for screen production, Phoenix HT for plate setup, Gallery HT for plate incubation & the Ministrel HT for image acquisition.

The Rigaku CystalMation is a powerful tool for research labs that handle a high-volume of protein crystallization experiments for drug discovery, rational drug design & screening of potential drug candidates. All data is kept in a central database using CrystalTrak. End users can get all defining parameters for a specific sample at any given time using the given software. CrystalTrak allows for unprecedented levels of reproducibility in research. When it comes to high-throughput crystallography, the Rigaku CystalMation sits at the intersection of science and technology and is the ideal solution for the structural genomics and pharmaceutical industries. Reap the benefits of owning this system that also features consistent and reproducible liquid dispensing and a high drop-on-drop rate.

Rigaku - CrystalMation System
A fully integrated platform for automated protein crystallization includes:
- Alchemist II liquid handler for automated screen production-
- Phoenix RE liquid handler for low-volume non-contact protein dispensing
- Two Rigaku Gallery 700 incubator storage towers
- Minstrel HT Imaging system

- Creation of coarse and fine Crystallization screens
- Setup of Crystallization plates at a rate of 110 96-well plates in SBS format per 8-hours.
- Automated delivery of lab supplies and plates
- Automatic sealing of source blocks and crystallization plates
- Customized scheduling and automatic image inspection
- Ease of use for multiple experiment launch in batch mode
- Plate storage - large capacity of up to 696 SBS plates and automatic retrieval
- Design with one-click optimization
- Viewing of centralized image and chemistry database
- Crystallization data-mining and analysis tools
- Barcode reading and tracking
Rigaku - CrystalMation System