HomeLab X-Ray Crystallography

General Description

The Rigaku Highflux HomeLab system is Rigaku's most popular crystallography system. The Rigaku Highflux HomeLab system is optimized to work well for poorly diffracting or small crystals and built with medium/large crystallography labs in mind. The heart and soul of this system lies in the Micromax-007HF x-ray source, featuring a second generation microfocus rotating anode with a focal spot of 70 x 70 microns. This extremely small focal spot will result in higher productivity by delivering the flux directly onto your crystal. The Micromax-007HF also stands out from the rest by offering longer up-time and a more robust design to stave off maintenance issues. Industry-leading Rigaku engineering has allowed for maintenance of this system to be whittled down to approximately 45-minutes of an "at-home" maintenance routine.

Equipped with 2 ports, each port can be configured with a hybrid pixel array detector or an imaging plate detector. Coupled together with a VariMax optic, the Highflux HomeLab is capable of producing usable flux up to 20 times that from a conventional generator & optics combination. The minuscule focal spot culminates into a powerful, monochromatic beam on the sample. This configuration allows for the collection of high quality data on small crystals that may diffract too weakly on most standard home sources.

The Rigaku Highflux HomeLab is ideal for routine crystallography applications including in-house data collection, in-house phasing, co-crystal screening & crystal screening prior to making a synchrotron trip to ensure crystal quality during crystal growth. Experience a complete system that offers a turnkey solution for measuring diffraction data from protein crystals with the Rigaku Highflux HomeLab!

- Rotating microfocus anode generator (70 μm diameter circle)
- Choice of area detectors - PILATUS or imaging plate
- 1.2 kW power in a tiny beam for greater flux density and less background for small samples
- Anode head can easily be positioned for optimal experimental setup

Rigaku - HomeLab X-Ray Crystallography
Rigaku HomeLab HighFlux System from 2007 with
- MicroMax-007HF x-ray source
- Rigaku R_AXIS HTC Detector
- VariMax and Varimax HR optics
- Saturn 944+ CCD Camera
- Rigaku PY60-UL
- Mitsubishi Industrial Robot V-6S-S12
- two large Haskris chillers
- two XStream CP830 Helium compressors
- XStream 2000 low temperature device