General Description


BD - Accessories
Box with Accessories for BD Facscalibur. Keyboard, Mouse (6) Plastic containers, scanner, and Misc. cables.
BD - Accessories
Box with Cords, software, keyboard, and other accessories for BD Pathway 855
BD Biosciences - Accessories
Tub with keyboard, mouse, cords, manuals, 14 software cd's (1) 1 set of 2 disks with Miocrosoft Office XP for small business 2002.(2)Intel Express installer for sound max 4XL. (3)Diskkeeper Professional Edition. (4)1 set of 2 disks,"THE WORK STATION INC. SYSTEM BUILD v2.1 (5) BD BIOSCIENCES FCAP SOFTWARE v1.0 (6) BD BIOSCIENCES BD CBA SOFTWARE V1.4 FOR WINDOWS 1.4 FOR MACINTOSH (7)BD BIOSCIENCES FACS ARRAY INTERACTIVE TRAINING CD. (8)BD BIOSCIENCES FACS ARRAY SYSTEM SOFTWARE.(9) TEXAS INSTRUMENTS TNS320C600 DSP PLATFORM CODE COMPOSER STUDIO DSK IDE v2.10 (10) BLACKHAWK USB510 JTAG EMULATOR DRIVER DISK JAN 2005 (11)CCS EVAL (12)BD BIOSCIENCES FACS ARRAY SYSTEM SOFTARE,plates and misc accessories for BD FacsArray.