General Description

The BD FACSArray Bioanalyzer is a high-throughput flow cytometer for both cellular and multiplex bead assay applications. With a two laser optics system, this flow cytometer is capable of measuring a wide range of biological specimen. Speed and efficiency are provided by the FACSArray in a compact instrument. For speed of experiment design, an automated microplate sampler is included to minimize user interaction. Efficiency is delivered by the two laser optical system. This system is capable of multicolor flow cytometry, able to track four fluorescent colors simultaneously. Forward and side scattering are collected as well, providing multiparameter capabilities for the sorting of multiple analytes in a single sample. The optical system also provides excellent speed, as counting speeds can reach 15,000 events per second. To control and manage the FACSArray, the instrument is composed of a computer workstation with specialized software to control automated processes and data collection.

Small sample volumes can be run from 96-well microplates via BD Cytometric Bead Arrays (CBAs). Through this method, particles with discrete fluorescence markers are combined with samples to detect multiple analytes within a solution. Capturing analytes in such a method facilitates their detection, in turn lowering the required sample volumes necessary to quantify analyte concentrations. This makes for easy and rapid quantitation of secreted protein, proteins in cell lysates, and cell-associated protein concentration. In addition to multiplex bead assays, the FACSArray also supports a range of applications, including measurements of cells and proteins for biochemical studies, cell proliferation and viability, and immunotoxiclolgy.

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BD Biosciences - FACSArray