WX Ultra 90

General Description

The Sorvall WX Ultra 90 is a floor standing centrifuge designed for ultracentrifugation and exceptional levels of convenience and ease of use. Many applications in scientific discovery rely on the high speeds of ultracentrifugation, yet little effort has been allotted to minimize the footprint of the instruments that carry out the process. Because of this, the primary value of the WX Ultra series lies in the reduced footprint of the instruments, which measure 39.4 x 31.1 x 27.2 inches (H x W x D). Besides space, many other parameters are optimized for efficiency, including minimizing energy consumption, heat output, and noise levels. All of these parameters combine to create a safe and ergonomic instrument that facilitates efficient ultracentrifugation in the laboratory.

The efficient use of space and energy does not come at a loss for centrifugation power and speed. The WX Ultra 90 is capable of speeds of up to 90,000 rpm, while others in the series accomplish maximum speeds ranging from 80,000 to 100,000 rpm. These speeds can be adjusted in increments of 10 rpm, allowing for an extensive range of speeds to be selected. The instrument accommodates a variety of rotors, including fixed angle, swinging bucket, vertical/zonal, and continuous flow. Because of this wide selection, and a compatibility with ultra rotors from other manufacturers, almost any application can be carried out, including biotech and pharmaceutical scale-up processes. Although it is compatible with a wide range of rotors, the WX Ultra series has a maximum rotor capacity of 6 x 250 mL. The instrument is also designed for safer preparations via easier sample loading. With such a diversity of rotors and speeds, this instrument can meet the requirements of any new applications.

The software run on this instrument, UltraSecur, is an embedded software that provides a series of features for facilitating multi-user access. Coinciding with this multiple user access is an ability to prevent unauthorized access to ensure instrument and user safety. For automation purposes, users can program up to 20 protocols that are stored in system memory, which allows for a set schedule to be run without user intervention. To further ensure safety for both user and instrument, the software will track the lie and usage of each rotor. By tracking these measures, the user is notified via alerts should the rotors ever need service/replacement. Any interaction with system software is carried out on a color touch screen, and protocol setup is made easy by the screen’s positive feedback keypad.

Sorvall - WX Ultra 90
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