VersaDoc 1000

General Description

A versatile benchtop imaging and gel documentation station, used to image a wide range of samples under controlled conditions.

- Captures digital images from single and multicolor fluorescent, chemiluminescent, chemifluorescent, and coloimetric samples
- Uses cooled CCD technology and unique UV illumination system
- Offers high sensitivity, flexibility, uniformity, and dynamic range in visualizing samples
- Light tight enclosure holds CCD camera and filter assembly
- Incorporates trans and epi-illumination sources for both broad UV (290 to 365 nm) and white-light excitation

Specifications:- Transillumination and Epi-illumination: UV (290 to 365 nm) and white light (400 to 750 nm)
- Emission Filters: 8 position filter wheel
- Transillumination Area: 25 cm x 25 cm
- Imaging Array: 1317 x 1035
- Pixel Size: 6.8 µm x 6.8 µm
- Pixel Depth: 12 bit
- Dynamic Range: 3 orders

Bio-Rad - VersaDoc 1000
- System includes Mitsubishi P91W Video Copy Processor, transilluminator, PC controller with monitor, and manuals with software