General Description

The OL 770 Multichannel Spectroradiometer by Optronic Laboratories provides an effective LED and display measuring system with powerful detection. The instrument provides high-speed, multi-channel spectra analysis, making it capable of measuring any LED-based display quickly and easily. An internal light system facilitates data acquisition via an internal spectrograph and detector. All light input requires additional pieces, whether for display or other LED measuring applications. The OL 770 is designed to accommodate charge-coupled devices (CCD), of which a variety are created specifically for it. Regardless of the desired application, this spectroradiometer provides a strong analytical tool that allows for fast changes between measuring types, whether that is radial spectral flux or radiant intensity measurements. The OL 770 gives a range of accurate measurements of color, luminance, and radiance. It provides these functions in a compact shape that makes it well-suited for the portability high production environments often require. As such, it is ideally suited for research and development, production, and quality assurance applications.

Optronic Lab - OL770
OL 770VIS Multi-channel Spectroradiometer which includes OL 65A Programmable Current Source, IS-1800 18 Inch Diameter Integrating Sphere, 770-7G-1 Signal Fiber Optic Probe, Application Software CD (version 4.42), manuals, and other accessories.