General Description

The Tecan Ultra is a multidimensional microplate reader specialized for high throughput applications. This filter-based microplate detection platform features four standard fluorescence modes: fluorescence intensity (FI), time-resolved fluorescence (TRF), fluorescence polarization (FP), and fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET). Additional programs include multichannel absorbance measurement, fluorescence lifetime (with optional module), and both glow and dual color luminescence modes. The Ultra has a spectral range of 230 – 999 nm and 230 – 1000 nm for fluorescence and absorbance, respectively, and all settings can be run without changing the optical system, making the multimodal platform efficient as well as convenient.

This plate reader is a versatile, high performance system that has the capacity for plates with 6, 24, 96, and 1536 wells, and includes an integrated temperature control function as well as linear or orbital shaking at three velocities. Run time for a 1536- well plate is under a sixty seconds, keeping unit efficient as well as accurate in taking measurements. The platform also utilizes a dynamic, three axis (x, y, and z) positioning system for accommodating various samples to ensure sensitivity and precision in handling multiple plate types, well shapes, and sample volumes.

For additional flexibility, the Tecan Ultra is also compatible with an assortment of filters to fit an array of applications, including dichroic mirrors for dyes like Fluorescein, Europium, and Cy5. Filters are configured in easily accessible, front-loaded slides, each of which can hold as many as four excitation or four emission filters. The modular design of this microplate reader makes it ideal for integration into a fully automated laboratory set-up.

Tecan - Ultra
- Includes PC controller with NEC monitor
- Includes accessory kit
- Software suite: TECAN Detection Suite, Magellan Instrument Control and Data Analysis, Reader PC-Package, and driver set