Freezone 2.5 Plus

General Description

A benchtop freeze dryer/lyophilizer used for processing small sample loads.

- Upright stainless steel collector coil capable of removing 1.8 liters of water in 24 hours and holding 2.5 liters of ice before defrosting
- Dual CFC- and HCFC-free refrigeration systems, one 1/4 hp and one 1/3 hp, to cool collector to -84° C
- Moisture sensor and vacuum break for protection of the vacuum pump and system
- LCD display, microprocessor control, and alarm/service messages
- Rear-mounted RS-232 port to transmit data to a user-supplied computer
- Lid with 3" diameter port for connection of drying accessories
- 3/4" OD vacuum connection

Labconco - Freezone 2.5 Plus
Cat. No. 7420021 20A,115V