Victor 3 1420-050 Multilabel Counter

General Description

The Perkin Elmer Victor3 V 1420 is a comprehensive and versatile multilabel plate reader. With the capability to measure fluorescence intensity (top and bottom fluorescence as well as dual ratio measurements), absorbance (from 340 – 800 nm), luminescence (glow, flash, and dual), UV absorbance (at 260 nm/280 nm), time resolved fluorometry (with dual window TRF and dual emission measurement), and fluorescence polarization (400 – 850 nm with red sensitive PMT), this system covers all light emitting and light absorbing detection technologies. The Victor3 V 1420 is fully integrable to form an automated system and small enough as a standalone unit to fit conveniently on a benchtop (15.5” H x 19” W x 23.5” D), making it as convenient as it is powerful. This model also includes standard features such as temperature control, shaking (in linear, orbital, and double orbital settings), scanning (up to 100 points with a minimum stepping of 0.1 mm), adjustable measuring height, below fluorescence reading, dual label/ratio reading, and kinetics (both fast and slow). Duration, speed, and amplitude of shaking are fully controllable, as is temperature which can be set from 2 C above ambient up to 45 C in 0.1 C increments.

For increased flexibility, this reader is capable of accommodating 1- to 1536- well microplates as well as various other containers including, slides, filters, Petri dishes, and PCR plates. The direct optics design of the instrument dictates extreme acuity and compatibility with a wide range of applications, making it ideal for cell-based assays like cytotoxicity, viability, quantification and proliferation, as well as enzyme studies, drug screenings, and countless other investigations.

Perkin Elmer - Victor 3 1420-050 Multilabel Counter
Perkin Elmer - Victor 3 1420-050 Multilabel Counter
This is a Victor 3 model 1420-050 with fluorescence, luminescence, absorbance and UV absorbance technologies. It comes with computer/software and the two pump liquid dispenser add on.
Perkin Elmer - Victor 3 1420-050 Multilabel Counter
Model 1420-050. Includes computer, monitor, manual, software disk, training disk.