RP Reliance Sealed Hole Table Top

General Description

A research grade optical table used for vibration control in optics and photonics applications.

- Trussed honeycomb core with vertically bonded closed cell construction
- Arrayed mounting holes with alphanumeric indicators
- Damped worksurface eliminates skin resonance
- Damped composite edge finish eliminates sidewall resonance
- Constrained layer core damping attenuates broadband vibration

Newport - RP Reliance Sealed Hole Table Top
8 inch thick optical table with dimensions approximately 3 foot width, a 10 foot length, and 1/4-20 holes on a 1 inch grid; it offers the broadband damping, static rigidity, and thermal stability capabilities. Includes set of four (4) isolators, RL-2000. 8000 pound capacity