Sell Lab Equipment

Sell Your Lab Equipment

BioSurplus helps turn your surplus or idle R&D lab equipment into money, with easy and flexible turnkey solutions to get you the best return.

  • Outright Purchase Option

    We Buy Lab Equipment

    Get a prompt cash offer for your surplus R&D equipment. Our detailed, market-specific valuations ensure you get a fair and accurate offer.
  • Consignment Option

    We Consign Lab Equipment

    Leave it to us to get maximum value for your laboratory instruments. Utilize our scientific-savvy sales team and biotech-focused online equipment store with thousands of items.
  • Auction / Liquidation Option

    We Auction Lab Equipment

    Our industry-leading liquidation auction services handle everything from inventory to marketing to logistics, with flexible capabilities to maximize your return.

Whether you're looking to sell a single instrument or liquidate an entire laboratory, we can provide a solution to fit your needs. Get in touch today!*

*Please note that BioSurplus does not purchase clinical/medical patient related equipment.

Tell Us About Your Equipment

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Quickly & Easily Monetize Your Assets

Selling surplus and used equipment can be a significant challenge for any organization. Companies often lack the time, facilities, resources, and expertise necessary to market their assets effectively. Our process makes it simple for you to sell lab equipment:

  • You tell us about your equipment
  • We value your equipment
  • We provide customized solutions based on your needs
  • We remove the equipment from your facility
Contact us to see how easy it is to turn your surplus lab equipment into money!
Turn Your Surplus Lab Assets Into Money
Easy Turnkey Solutions

Complete Turnkey Solutions

BioSurplus, Inc. provides an easy-to-use turnkey asset solution designed to maximize ROI while eliminating the pain and drain on resources associated with selling surplus equipment in-house.

Whether your equipment requires deinstallation, decontamination, or specialized logistics, we can make the process fast and simple for you. For clients with existing asset management systems, we provide easy disposition and maximum investment recovery, including redeployment and asset advisory services. For our auction and consignment clients, we can handle all marketing, service, and logistics. With an extensive network of third-party and in-house service expertise, we have the resources necessary to effectively support the sale of your equipment.

Biotech & Biopharma Expertise

BioSurplus was founded in 2002 as a scientific equipment reseller, and has been exclusively focused on the life sciences industry ever since.

Staffed by many degreed bench scientists, we have extensive equipment and science expertise covering biology, biotech, pharmaceuticals, and chemistry. We have an unparalleled ability to understand a broad range of scientific instruments, and to accurately assess their industry-specific market demand and value.
Specific Focus on Life Sciences

Flexible Options

We provide tailored solutions to fit your specific financial needs and timeline. Our flexible approach to monetize equipment includes the following options, or a customized blend:

Outright Purchase Option

Why Purchase?

Get Cash With an Outright Purchase
  • Get a prompt cash offer for your surplus lab equipment. Our detailed, market-specific valuations ensure you get a fair and accurate offer, while we handle the pickup of your equipment.
  •   Get immediate cash
  •   Get a known return
  •   Fast turnaround
Consignment Option

Why Consignment?

Maximize Value - We Market and Sell for You
  • Leave it to us to get maximum value for your laboratory instruments. Utilize our scientific-savvy sales team and biotech-focused online equipment store with thousands of items.
  •   We find the right buyer at the highest price
  •   We pick up and store the equipment
  •   Free up space quickly
Auction / Liquidation Option

Why Auction?

Liquidate With Full Facility Sales
  • Our industry-leading liquidation auction and asset advisory services handle everything from inventory to marketing to logistics, with flexible capabilities to maximize your return.
  •   Sell a large set of assets
  •   We handle marketing and logistics
  •   Fits your timeline

Life Science Equipment Categories

BioSurplus has extensive experience in valuing, purchasing, marketing, selling, and servicing a wide variety of biotech and biopharma equipment. Examples of equipment categories we regularly work with include:


UV / visible, luminescence, fluorescence, and NanoDrop systems. Manufacturers: Thermo Scientific, NanoDrop, Beckman Coulter


Analytical, preparative, and FPLC chromatography systems. Manufacturers: Agilent, Shimadzu, Waters, GE / Amersham / Pharmacia

Mass Spectrometry

Ion trap, quadrupole, TOF, MALDI, hybrid systems, and mass detectors. Manufacturers: Applied Biosystems, SCIEX, Thermo Scientific, Waters, Agilent

Microplate Readers

Multi-mode, UV / visible, luminescence, fluorescence, and AlphaScreen. Manufacturers: Molecular Devices, Bio-Tek Instruments, BMG, Perkin Elmer

Gas Chromatography

GC systems equipped with FID, TCD, or mass detectors. Manufacturers: Agilent / Hewlett Packard, Thermo Scientific, Shimadzu


Tube-based or plate-based thermal cyclers, as well as RT-PCR systems. Manufacturers: Bio-Rad / MJ Research, Eppendorf, Applied Biosystems

Bioreactors / Fermentors

Reactors from benchtop to pilot scale for eukaryotic or bacterial applications. Manufacturers: New Brunswick Scientific, Sartorius / B.Braun, Applikon

Microscopes / Imagers

Upright, inverted, fluorescence, clinical, confocal, or imaging microscopes. Manufacturers: Olympus, Zeiss, Nikon, Leica, Meiji, Fisher Scientific

Hoods / Enclosures

Biosafety cabinets, laminar flow hoods, and filtered enclosures for lab use. Manufacturers: Baker, Labconco, NuAire, Thermo Scientific / Forma, Esco

Flow Cytometers

Cell analyzers and cell sorters for research or clinical applications. Manufacturers: Becton Dickinson / BD, Beckman Coulter, Millipore / Guava, Amnis


CO2, microbial, humudity / stability chambers, and shaking incubators. Manufacturers: Thermo Scientific / Forma, VWR, New Brunswick Scientific, Sanyo


Benchtop, floor model, refrigerated, and micro centrifuges. Manufacturers: Eppendorf, Beckman Coulter, Thermo Scientific / Sorvall

Asset Liquidation & Auction Services

The process of extracting maximum value from surplus or idle equipment can be a time consuming and distracting for many biotech and biopharmaceutical companies. BioSurplus offers complete turnkey asset liquidation solutions to suit your specific needs and make the process hassle-free, including project planning, inventory, marketing, sales, and logistics services. Our asset liquidation services typically include:

  • Inventory and catalog of all client assets, including photos and descriptions.
  • Comprehensive valuation of all salable assets.
  • Creation and hosting of a customized web page and catalog for client's assets.
  • Provide technical guidance and support for inquiring customers.
  • Scheduling and hosting on-site walk-through appointments or "open house".
  • Design and execution of a customized marketing campaign.
  • Generation of sales quotes and invoices, with negotiation of final transactions.
  • Handling and processing all payments (credit card, bank wire, check) with appropriate tax protocol.
  • Management of all packing, shipping, and fulfillment.
  • Interfacing with third party vendors as necessary for specialized equipment deinstallation and transport.
  • Creation of client portal, with web-enabled "real-time" visibility of inventory and reconciliation reports upon sale completion.
  • Final clean-up and disposal of non-salable or usable assets.
Turn Your Surplus Lab Assets Into Money
Valuation Services

Asset Valuation Services

BioSurplus offers a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to determine the wholesale value of your laboratory assets. We specialize in providing valuations for the purpose of selling (wholesale or consignment) or inventorying equipment.

Our equipment appraisals can be used for many operational purposes, including (but not limited to):
  • Financing
  • Liquidation and Bankruptcy
  • Management Planning
Our equipment valuation services typically include:
  • Identification of salable assets with value.
  • Definition of the valuation's purpose.
  • Establishing and providing a date for the valuation.
  • Conducting and applying market research for items valued.
  • Researching availability of information and data.
  • (Optional) Photographing assets for inventory or valuation purposes.
We offer our customers two options for determining the market value of their laboratory equipment - a cursory valuation and a comprehensive valuation. We estimate the value of laboratory assets by their determining wholesale value, equivalent to the approximate value if sold in auction or to a reseller. Our valuations take into consideration current market conditions and state-of-the-art, and are performed by a team of life science specialists.

Our Clients

We work with laboratories and research operations of any size. Here are a few:

Biogen Idec Elan Pharmaceuticals Gilead Illumina Lexicon Pharmaceuticals