Coming Soon: Incoming Lab Equipment

Take a sneak peek into our incoming supply of pre-owned lab equipment. Virtually everything you see below has been acquired directly from working laboratories, and is en route to our showrooms. BioSurplus meticulously inspects incoming supply to ensure our customers only receive the highest quality lab equipment in a timely fashion. Contact us now to get pricing, support, or any item specifics regarding equipment on this page. Please be sure to note the manufacturer and model for the item(s) of interest.

Bookmark this page and check back periodically to keep apprised of our high-quality, affordable, soon-to-arrive instruments from one of America’s top used laboratory equipment providers. Please visit one of our BioSurplus showrooms in San Diego or South San Francisco to see arriving and existing inventory. We have new supply constantly flowing in! Save time and money with a resource that you trust.

Expected Arrival Date
Product Page
Agilent1200HPLCMarch 24, 2017Coming Soon >>
ABIPrism 7900HTGenetic AnalyzerMarch 24, 2017Coming Soon >>
Molecular DevicesSeptraMax 384 PlusPlate ReaderMarch 24, 2017Coming Soon >>
Life TechnologiesIon Torrent PGMSequencerMarch 24, 2017Coming Soon >>
FluidigmEP1Genetic AnalyzerMarch 24, 2017Coming Soon >>
Beckman CoulterAvanti J-ECentrifugeMarch 24, 2017Coming Soon >>
Agilent1260HPLCMarch 24, 2017Coming Soon >>
Roche454 Life SciencesSequencerMarch 24, 2017Coming Soon >>
BuchiR-215Rotary EvaporatorMarch 7, 2017Coming Soon >>
BuchiR-153Rotary EvaporatorMarch 7, 2017Coming Soon >>
BuchiR-220Rotary EvaporatorMarch 7, 2017Coming Soon >>
BuchiR-220Rotary EvaporatorMarch 7, 2017Coming Soon >>
Oxford400 MHzNMRFebruary 28, 2017Request a Quote for 301-7725
Agilent6890N with 7694 Headspace SamplerGC SystemFebruary 27, 2017SOLD
ThermoFinnigan LXQ Ion TrapMass SpectrometerFebruary 27, 2017Request a Quote for 301-7335
TecanSafireMicroplate ReaderFebruary 27, 2017Request a Quote for 203-0080
TecanInfinite F200Microplate ReaderFebruary 27, 2017Request a Quote for 203-0082
Applied BiosystemsGeneAmp 9700PCR SystemFebruary 27, 2017Request a Quote for 203-0090
BraunBioStat CFermenterFebruary 27, 2017Request a Quote for 203-0085
Agilent1100 SeriesHPLCFebruary 27, 2017Request a Quote for 203-0054
EMD MilliporeGuava EasyCyteFlow CytometerJanuary 25, 2017Request a Quote for 203-0020
Agilent1200 SeriesHPLCJanuary 13, 2017SOLD
Applied BiosystemsStepOnePlusRT-PCRDecember 15, 2016SOLD
Agilent1200 SeriesHPLCDecember 15, 2016SOLD
Becton DickinsonFACScanFlow CytometerDecember 15, 2016Request a Quote for 202-9703
Becton DickinsonFACSCaliburFlow CytometerDecember 15, 2016Request a Quote for 202-9701
BransonSeries 8500Industrial Ultrasonic CleanerDecember 15, 2016Request a Quote for 202-9646
Bio-RadBio-Plex 200Suspension Array SystemDecember 12, 2016Request a Quote for 202-9651
AgilentG2589A with 6890 (G1530A)GC/MSDecember 12, 2016SOLD
Milteny BiotecAutomacs ProMagnetic Cell Separation SystemDecember 12, 2016Request a Quote for 202-9646
Becton DickinsonFACSAriaFlow CytometerDecember 5, 2016SOLD
Agilent1100 SeriesHPLCNovember 8, 2016SOLD
EVOSAMGEFC-4300Fluorescence MicroscopeNovember 7, 2016SOLD
GEAStrea-1GranulatorNovember 1, 2016SOLD
Applikon BiotechnologyBioreactorBioreactorOctober 19, 2016SOLD
ZeissAxioskop 40MicroscopeOctober 19, 2016Request a Quote for 202-9139
Beckman CoulterAvanti J-20XPCentrifugeOctober 19, 2016SOLD
IntegraVIAFLO96Electronic 96-Channel PipetteOctober 14, 2016SOLD
Infors HTMultitronIncubator ShakersOctober 14, 2016SOLD
WatersACQUITYUPLCSeptember 30, 2016SOLD
Molecular DevicesSpectramax 384Plate ReaderOctober 4, 2016SOLD

Information is subject to change without notice.