Lab equipment landing soon
Take a sneak peek into our incoming supply of pre-owned lab equipment.

Virtually everything you see below has been acquired directly from working laboratories and is en route to our showrooms. BioSurplus meticulously inspects incoming equipment to ensure our customers only receive the highest quality lab equipment in a timely fashion. Contact us to get pricing, support, or any item specifics regarding pending arrivals. Please be sure to note the manufacturer and model for the item(s) of interest.

Bookmark this page and check back periodically to keep apprised of our soon-to-arrive instruments.

Visit one of our BioSurplus showrooms in San Diego or south San Francisco to see arriving and existing inventory. We have new supply flowing in constantly!

Manufacturer Model Category Expected Arrival Product Status
Hamilton STAR Liquid Handling Jan 15, 2019 Inquire  
Hamilton STAR Plus Liquid Handling Jan 15, 2019 Inquire  
Waters ACQUITY Chromatography Jan 08, 2019 Sold
Thermo Fisher Scientific Accela Chromatography Jan 08, 2019 View Details  
Waters HPLC Chromatography Jan 08, 2019 View Details  
MDS Sciex API 3200 LC/MS Mass Spectrometry Dec 05, 2018 View Details  
Waters Micromass LCT Premier XE Mass Spectrometry Nov 08, 2018 View Details  

Information is subject to change without notice.