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July 27, 2015

BioSurplus Attends WIB Executive Roundtable at BIO 2015


Here at BioSurplus, we are committed to enhancing women within the life science industry and beyond.  During last month’s BIO Convention, VP of National Business Development, Dawn Hocevar, represented BSI at the WIB Executive Roundtable. To learn more about this discussion as well as future WIB events and activities, click here.


July 1, 2015

How to Get More from Stereomicroscopes by Adding Fluorescence

nightseaDid you know that you can get more value from your stereo/dissecting microscope by adding economical fluorescence capability? There are two primary aspects to fluorescence: excitation and emission. In high end systems, these are dealt with by light sources and barrier filters that are integrated with the optics on a system-specific basis to produce powerful imaging capability. Many applications require the level of performance these provide, but there are lots of routine fluorescence tasks for which these high-end systems are massive overkill, such as screening or sorting transgenics, pre-screening samples for confocal microscopy, fluorescence-aided injection or dissection, and education/outreach. At a greatly reduced cost, users can add excitation and emission to existing stereo (dissecting) microscopes with light sources and filters that are external to the microscope rather than integrated with the optics. The NIGHTSEA Stereo Microscope Fluorescence Adapter is an example of an economical system like this, and it fits on virtually all stereo microscopes, regardless of manufacturer or model. Check out NIGHTSEA for more information, and browse BioSurplus’ inventory of microscopes here.

June 26, 2015

Entrepreneurs: Get Started with the Right Lab Equipment for Your Business and Wallet

CLSA_LOGO_RGBAs a CLSA member, you get access to value-stretching resources that strengthen your life sciences business. For over a decade, BioSurplus has successfully provided pre-owned lab instrumentation to the life sciences industry, transitioning equipment from closing laboratories to start-up companies. Pre-owned lab instrumentation can be the answer to the entrepreneur’s dilemma of balancing resource needs and budgetary constraints.


CLSA members receive an additional 10% off BioSurplus’ pricing. With BioSurplus customers already saving an average of 64% off new equipment list prices, buying pre-owned lab equipment is a great way to stretch your dollar.

Still not sure? Click here to watch the 20-year story of “Baby”, a bioreactor that BioSurplus supplied to five companies across two continents throughout its career, enabling Baby’s owners to continue their work and stretch their dollar.


June 25, 2015

BioSurplus Auctioning Former R&D Assets from Lab Closures in California and Pacific Northwest

Beginning June 24th, BioSurplus will conduct a timed auction featuring over 300 lots of former research assets from laboratories in California (San Diego, Orange County, Hayward, South San Francisco), and the Pacific Northwest (Oregon, Washington).

Items in this auction consist of biotech/biopharma research equipment, including pipettes, liquid handlers, centrifuges, HPLC systems and components, PCR thermal cyclers, mass spectrometeres, and more.

Most items are available at no reserve price. Please see our auction terms and conditions for more information. Auction runs until July 1st.

Key Assets Available in this Auction:LandingPageBanner-JuneWest

  • Biacore 2000 SPR Analyzer
  • Thermo Finnigan LTQ Mass Spectrometers/li>
  • Triangle Biomedical ATP-120 Tissue Embedder
  • Genetix QARRAY 2 Microarray Spotter
  • Sapidyne Instruments KinExA 3000 Kinetic Analyzers
  • TSI 3314 Ultraviolet Particle Sizer
  • Applied Biosystems SOLiD 4hq High Throughput Sequencer
  • Varian Mercury 300 MHz NMR System
  • Guava / Millipore Flow Cytometers
  • HPLC Systems and Components from Waters, Beckman, Jasco, Wyatt
  • Stainless Steel Process Equipment including Tanks, Mixers, Filtration
  • Microscopes from Olympus, VWR
  • Mass Spectrometers / LCMS from Thermo, TSI, Agilent
  • PCR Thermal Cyclers from MJ Research, Cepheid
  • Spectrophotometers / Plate Readers from Bio-Tek, Perkin Elmer, Tecan
  • Laboratory Automation Equipment from Thermo, Velocity11, Beckman Coulter, and More
  • Dispensers / Plate Washers from Thermo, Skatron, Bio-Tek
  • Centrifuges and Accessories from Sorvall, Beckman, Tomy
  • Consumables / Disposables – Pipette Tips, Filters, Cassettes, Process, and More
  • Electrophoresis Equipment from Bio-Rad, Fisher, Millipore, Life Technologies, and More
  • General Lab Equipment including Carts, Ring Stands, Stools, and More
  • Pipettes from Matrix, Labsystems
  • Laboratory Refrigerators / Freezers from Thermo, Norlake, Jewett

Item Viewing Availability

On-site viewings of equipment are available 9AM – 5PM on-site at BioSurplus San Diego.
Call for Auction Support for details – 866-236-4496 x222

Click here to browse the full catalog.

June 22, 2015

The Winner of the $400 Credit Has Been Selected!

We are excited to announce that the winner of the $400 BioSurplus credit is Mr. Franklin Spriggs of AIT Bioscience! Mr. Spriggs was selected with the help of one of our walk-in customers, who chose a number at random which corresponded with the winning name. We here at BioSurplus want to thank everyone who participated in the survey; your support and insights help us to better our inventory and meet the equipment needs of our customers at the best possible prices. Please stay tuned for future surveys and promotions!

June 16, 2015

We’re Attending BIO 2015

Come by and connect with us at the BIO International Convention in Philadelphia. As one of the year’s largest life sciences conventions, the annual BIO convention covers a wide spectrum of innovations and products in the life sciences industry.  We’ll be walking the exhibit hall, so let’s discuss your equipment needs. Don’t be a stranger – if you see us at the show, make sure to say hi!



June 10, 2015

Tell Us Your Equipment Needs & Win $400 BioSurplus Credit

Fill out our survey and be entered in a drawing to win $400 store credit!* At BioSurplus, we stock a huge range of pre-owned lab equipment from pipettes to thermal cyclers to mass spectrometers. Our customers enjoy an expansive, always-updating inventory, but we’d like to know what you’re looking for and can’t find! We work with laboratories, vendors, and manufacturers across the country to supply our customers with the instruments and equipment they want. Let us know what you’re looking for!

Click here to take the survey!


*Survey open until Thursday, 6/18. The winner will be drawn and announced on Friday, 6/19 - check our blog for details!
Drawing limited to one entry per customer. Promotional in-store credit does not have minimum purchase requirement. Credit only applies to purchases made through the main BioSurplus store – does not apply to auction purchases.

May 7, 2015

New Public Community Biotech Lab Opens in San Diego

wetlabEarlier this year The Wet Lab opened it’s doors as the first DIYBio community biotech lab in San Diego.  Although the organization had been meeting for about a year, teaching classes on molecular biology, only recently were they able to find space to create a wet lab for those members interested to conduct synthetic biology experiments.  The lab is housed at Fab Lab’s facility in Maker’s Quarter downtown.  The Wet Lab’s mission is to educate the public about the stunning world of biology and make bioscience accessible to all ages from all walks of life. Since it is a public maker space, anyone can participate by collaborating with other members, taking classes, tinkering with science or conducting research.  Lab memberships are $25/month.

I opened the lab because I’m excited about the prospects of the burgeoning Citizen Science movement as well as the forthcoming revolution in synthetic biology.  Our goal is to make molecular biology fun and accessible to everyone.  Personally, before studying at Biocurious, I hadn’t taken a biology or chemistry class since high school.  Yet, I spent a couple of years studying at Biocurious in the Bay Area and due to the development of modern techniques I’ve been able to become proficient enough to run my own experiments and teach classes.  While there, I learned about lab safety and techniques, the science of molecular biology, and how to engineer life.  I began to study various species of algae and their rich genetic makeup.  That brought me to San Diego for some Summer classes at UCSD.  Since San Diego has such a large biotech industry, many algae enthusiasts and researchers, and no DIYBio community lab, I decided to move here and open one.

Though the lab is small, we have all the equipment necessary to conduct genetic manipulations, teach classes on molecular biology, and demonstrate wet lab techniques to passionate science enthusiasts.  This includes PCR, centrifuges, incubators, and analytical equipment such as a spectrophotometer,  colorimeter and microscopes.  Biosurplus has been a huge help to us in outfitting our lab and we’ll continue to accumulate sophisticated equipment as we grow. We have 100+ members in our Meetup group including many professional scientists, former university professors, students and citizen scientists who want to learn the science.  Future projects will include developing opensource protocols and DNA bioparts for transformations and genetic manipulation of various species of algae.

The Wet Lab is scheduling classes now including Basic Molecular Biology Techniques, GFP Transformation in E coli, DNA Fish Barcoding, Crime Scene Forensics and Lab Skills.  We will charge $25-$75 per class which is affordable to everyone including students. Additionally, we hold a monthly free Journal Club where anyone can participate to learn about reading scientific papers and join study groups of relevant research papers.

Another aspect of the Wet Lab is our satellite facility at the La Jolla Riford Public Library.  There, we are building a mini-molecular bio lab where high school students and adults can get access to PCR machines, microscopes and other wet lab equipment.   The idea is to provide free education to students and the general public where they can gain access to equipment traditionally unavailable except to professionals and university students.

An important feature of the library offering are the free workshops such as our Strawberry DNA Extraction lab and the Citizen Science Public Lecture Series on various scientific topics.  Workshops are held the first Saturday of each month and the lectures are the first Tuesdays evenings of each month.  We are excited about the lecture on Biopesticides from Biosurplus’ own Octavio Espinosa on May 5th.  The lecture series is meant to educate the general public about important science being conducted in the San Diego area as well biotech topics, environmental science, and public policy surrounding GMOs. The Wet Lab will also be organizing talks at the San Diego Downtown Public Library on similar topics.  We feel that better educated students and a more informed public will help promote science literacy and enhance the public debate about these important issues.  See the La Jolla Light article about us.

The Wet Lab in the La Jolla Library will also be open at certain times for folks to drop in to tinker with molecular biology and practice wet lab techniques on their own under the supervision of volunteer trained scientists.  The library is a perfect place to offer this facility, especially as MOOCs  and other online courses gain popularity.  The general public will have a place to try out their lab skills after learning content from web-based classes.  If they are interested to pursue more education and access to sophisticated equipment, they can join The Wet Lab housed at the Fab Lab facility in downtown San Diego, where more intensive study and research can be conducted.

One of the most important aspects of the Wet Lab is our community of passionate scientists and nonscientists who work on projects shoulder to shoulder, teach, share ideas, tinker with opensource lab techniques and conduct their own experiments.  This makes it easy for novices to explore the science and have fun in a very casual environment. Professional scientists love it too because they can work on side projects and share their professional work with the general public.

For more information, please go to

April 23, 2015

BVS Cambridge Biotech Day – Advances in Epigenetics – Wednesday, May 13th

Be sure to attend the 3rd BVS Cambridge Biotech Day on May 13th at the Marriott Cambridge – 5:00pm – 8:30pm! BioSurplus will be attending as an exhibitor – catch us during the exhibitor and food / wine event following the featured talks.

BVS Flyer

The event will focus on the latest advancements in Epigenetics with talks given by top local experts from Epizyme and Pfizer. Stop by to hear cutting edge talks from renowned researchers, learn about the industry’s latest technologies and services from exhibiting suppliers, and network with professionals in the biotech field.

The 3rd BVS Cambridge Biotech Day Event is Wednesday, May 13th. Register online at Please see below for more details about the event!

Register for the 3rd BVS Cambridge Biotech Day Event Here 

We look forward to seeing you there!

April 15, 2015

Indie.Bio Featured by Forbes

BioSurplus is pleased to support and partner with scientific incubators and accelerators, such as Indie.Bio, in the San Francisco Bay area.  Our aim is to promote such nascent and entrepreneurial programs as they further science and technology in the Life Science communities of San Diego, San Francisco and Boston.

Check out this profile of Indie.Bio, the world’s first Synthetic Biology accelerator, featured at

For more information, you can visit their website here.