Going Green

BioSurplus has always made a concerted effort to positively impact the communities where we do business and are mindful of our impact on the world.

By the nature of what we do, we are natural recyclers. An important part of our business is searching and acquiring pre-owned and surplus laboratory equipment. Then, we sell these to new programs looking for affordable and specific instrumentation. Without this type of effort, most lab equipment does not see the end of its useful life. Before BioSurplus, it was too difficult for scientists to buy or sell these hard-to-find instruments. As a result, many valuable items either ended up in closets, storage facilities or landfills. Through our scientific knowledge, web-presence and marketing know-how we make finding and selling this equipment possible. In addition, we extend the life of these instruments while at the same time maximizing their value.

We also make a practice of limiting our carbon footprint with our active recycling program. We donate disposables and consumables to local schools and colleges. Our corporate headquarters is within walking distance to the only commuter train in our area. The majority of our marketing materials and correspondence is disseminated on line and we actively support recycling programs in our communities.

We started the “Put It Back to Use” program, where we present an annual award to the best idea for repurposing a laboratory instrument you might expect to find in a landfill.

Today, BioSurplus remains fully committed to achieving environmental excellence and to working with our partners and suppliers to meet or exceed the environmental commitments summarized below:

  • Comply with applicable environmental laws and regulations.
  • Fulfill our voluntary environmental commitments.
  • Operate our facilities with all necessary environmental permits, approvals and operational controls.
  • Promote the safe and responsible reuse, recycling and disposition of our products and packaging at the end of their useful life.
  • Promote relevant environmental initiatives by our internal organizations, managers, employees, strategic partners and suppliers.
  • Be guided by the principles of pollution prevention and continual improvement.
  • Periodically review our Environmental Policy and ensure it remains appropriate for the nature, scale and environmental impacts of our activities, products and services.